John V.H. Dippel

The story of how the endless battle between the sexes has carried over to the battlefield -- from the Civil War to today's conflict with radical Islam.

War and Sex

"War and Sex" examines how, in recent centuries, women's growing economic and political power has threatened some groups of men and motivated them to stop or roll back these advances. War presents itself as an opportunity for these men to regain an edge in this intensifying competition between the genders. Individual men with poor marital prospects have found volunteering for war a successful strategy for increasing their chances of winning mates and having children.

Selected Works

"Stunningly important and effectively presented." -- David Barash
“The most authoritative, detailed, and gripping account of the climate disaster that struck New England in 1816-17.”
--Gillen D'Arcy, author of "Tambora."
“A thoughtful and sensitive account of a sickness tug-of-war between fear and hope.”
--Times Literary Supplement
“Sheds light on an inexplicable phenomenon.”
--Yad Vashem
"Dippel's eloquent writing is both entertaining and informative. Impeccable research and historical analysis . . . " -- Pacific Northwest Quarterly