John V.H. Dippel

Bound Upon a Wheel of Fire: Why So Many German Jews Made the Tragic Decision to Remain in Nazi Germany

“Jewish ties to Germany were deep and emotionally strong. More German than the Germans, the saying goes. Unlike Jews in many other countries--particularly in eastern Europe and the Soviet Union--they experienced no unsettling ambivalence about their identity or their loyalty to the state in which they resided and no closeted passion for Theodor Herzl’s dream of a Jewish homeland in the barren and remote sands of Palestine. So it is not surprising that the first rumblings of Nazism, swelling to a roar of hate in the late 1930s, did not send them scurrying for the nearest frontier.”

Selected Works

"Stunningly important and effectively presented." -- David Barash
“The most authoritative, detailed, and gripping account of the climate disaster that struck New England in 1816-17.”
--Gillen D'Arcy, author of "Tambora."
“A thoughtful and sensitive account of a sickness tug-of-war between fear and hope.”
--Times Literary Supplement
“Sheds light on an inexplicable phenomenon.”
--Yad Vashem
"Dippel's eloquent writing is both entertaining and informative. Impeccable research and historical analysis . . . " -- Pacific Northwest Quarterly